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Why Choose Caithness Construction

A Choice Builder for GenerationsSuperior Construction StandardsHighly Skilled Local CraftsmanshipExtensive ResourcesSuperior Customer ServiceAttention to All The Details

At Caithness Construction, we take your vision and our expertise to create a quality custom home that meets your needs today as well as for future generations. Our customer focused approach to building a high quality home with strong construction philosophies and practices have earned us a reputation for excellence in the home building community. Building safe and secure homes with lasting value is important to us. We are committed to providing an exceptional product with quality, integrity and superior customer service.



Every Caithness Construction home is built with exceptional quality construction methods and materials, regardless of size. It is important to us that the highest quality materials are used to ensure structural strength and safety as well as optimize energy efficiency throughout the home. Building quality homes that exceed Florida building code requirements from start to finish is what sets us apart.



Since the beginning, we have consistently utilized all local and highly skilled subcontractors who meet our quality criteria for craftsmanship and materials. Because of these standards, we have been building eco-consious and energy efficient homes well before “green building” emerged.



Caithness Construction has established long-term partnered relationships with select architectural and engineering resources in the area. We have also designated designers to assist with choosing home exterior and interior features including selections for roof tile, pavers, cabinetry, granite, flooring, fixtures, etc.



Customer satisfaction as well as establishing a close working relationship with our customers is key to our success. All of our team members take a hands-on approach to assisting customers with all the details of building or renovating your dream home. Like family, we take every step to ensure that your new home is everything you envisioned. We want the home building process to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.



At Caithness Construction, we are committed to providing an exceptional product with integrity and attention to all the details. We make sure your home has the best of everything with no details overlooked. Quality and luxury are not an upgrade at Caithness Construction, from the overall design to the quality trim. What you see in our homes is what you get.



What makes Caithness Construction A Choice Builder?

All Caithness Construction homes are built with the highest of construction standards and designs that are above required Florida building codes. These practices are applied to every Caithness home regardless of size.

After the exterior concrete block wall is built, a horizontal solid concrete tie beam is formed and poured forming a stronger base for the triangular roof trusses.

All outdoor lanais and portico ceilings are wire-lathed and stuccoed instead of dry-walled to maintain strength against outdoor elements and powerwash cleaning.

Top rated R-30 and R-19 insulation are used inside framed walls to optimize energy and enhance sound proofing of rooms, especially laundry and bathrooms.

During framing of the roof, heavier 2X6 top cord trusses are used for additional roof strength.

All windows and glass doors are double insulated impact glass that meet hurricane requirements.

Garage door openings are designed with a wider width for easier vehicle manuverability. Also, wind resistant as well as hurricane rated garage doors are installed for protection and security.

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